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The Zaky. Nurture NICU, Premature, Sick Babies. One Pair

The Zaky. Nurture NICU, Premature, Sick Babies. One Pair
The Zaky. Nurture NICU, Premature, Sick Babies. One Pair
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Only with The Zaky, each and every baby receives evidence-based developmental care and the highest level of standardcare, from birth and around the clock, regardless of the baby's size, developmental stage, or medical condition. 

Order a pair of The Zaky to nurture your baby at home and in hospital

The award-winning The Zaky is a human hand mimetic and pediatric bolster support device ergonomically designed to simulate the shape, warmth, weight (500 grams), and touch of the parents’ hands and forearms. Parents are encouraged to scent The Zaky by placing it directly on the skin (chest or neck) to provide more effective family centered developmental care to hospitalized infants on the bed or infant incubator. 

By using The Zakys, we not only provide a simulation of the presence of the parent, as the original The Zaky did for Zachary 13 years ago. The Zaky now not only simulates the presence of the parent, but it provides proper positioning to support the musculoskeletal development, provides comfort, containment, boundaries, a sense of security, and all that combined results in babies are soothed, more relaxed, calmer, and all these is known to promote sleep. 

Only one universal size with the shape of right and left hands are available. The Zaky is designed to provide full body support, to aid with prone/supine/sidelying positioning, to provide adjustable weight, containment, to aid with soothing and with providing constant boundaries, to aid with developmental support, and to aid with olfactory stimulation and with attachment/bonding when it is scented by the parent prior to providing it to the infant. 

"There’s now a big emphasis placed on putting a baby in a natural position, not on the back or belly.  The Zaky is both a positioning device and a comforting device. It also enables the baby to stretch and develop its muscles."  Dr. Brenda Morris, Neonatologist, Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical School

The features of the Zaky are unmatched                      *

Research Results

•  The Zakys are the only evidence-based and ergonomically design device that provides family centered developmental care support to every infant: They are the only devices with clinical evidence that suggests that for the babies in the study it significantly decreased apnea/bradycardia and significant improved self-regulation and stress behaviors. In fact, the babies using the Zakys Maternally Scented had ZERO apnea/bradycardia events in this randomized clinical research*


•  The shape is familiar and therapeutic: hand/forearm that weighs 500 grams.

•  Multipurpose design: for every developmental stage, medical condition, size, and position.

•  Its universal size: equivalent to a woman's medium size hand and forearm, the same size is used for every baby, regardless of positioning, size, medical condition, age, and/or developmental stage. No need for small/medium/large or light/medium/heavy.

•  Ergonomic design researched and developed for 3.5 years before releasing it to the market. Invented by a PhD in ergonomics engineering.

•  Adjustable weight to use on the top of the baby: Displace all the filling and use only the weight of the fabric for micropreemies. 6-7 lb babies can take the full weight of the Zaky (500 grams). 


•  Fully Washable: includes the washing bag - wash/dry without disassembly.

•  Recyclable: wash and reuse.

•  Scent of the parents by placing them directly on their skin (chest or behind the neck) for at least one hour.

•  Warm and soft: place the Zakys in the towel warmer or dryer to get it warm.

•  Infection Control: many hospitals that have zero incidents of infections use the Zakys as standard for developmental care.

•  Soft and soothing material: antipilling microfleece immediately is soothing for the baby.

•  Safe materials: the filling is made out of a special type of plastic in the shape of smooth plastic micro-spheres that are antimicrobial, antiallergenic, antifungal, washable, quiet, and do not get hot under a heating source.

•  Quiet operation: filling is quiet when the Zaky is moved. This is important for the NICU baby's developmental support.


•  Comprehensive care: a pair of Zakys virtually replace all positioners, transitional items, nests, bonding items, and soothing devices. The Zakys are ergonomically designed to help provide comprehensive physical, physiological, psychological, neurological developmental and family-centered care to hospitalized neonates ensuring the best possible quality of life (for a lifetime) and an effective inclusion of the baby into his/her family. All without medication/stimulants, invasive procedures, or expensive equipment .

•  Individualized, and constant level of care for every baby, regardless of size, age, medical condition, or developmental stage, including NAS and end-of-life/palliative care.

•  Ideal for any position: the same Zakys help with prone, sidelying, supine position, and to use on top, bottom, around, or away from the baby.

•  Bolster Support: place the Zaky vertically with the hand on the top, and fold the hand to make a firm but flexible roll.


•  The most effective transitional device: To help babies with the transition from hospital to the house, and to continue developmental care at home, the healthcare professionals must train the parents to correctly use the Zakys in the car seat, to continue providing developmental care during wake periods, and the "back-to-sleep program", as they teach any other intervention to be performed at home. Up to 6 months of age, the Zakys must be used under constant supervision.

•  More effective transport: give the Zakys to the mom to scent (place on the chest or behind the neck) while the baby is being prepared for transport. Take the Zakys with the baby.

Parent-Child Centered Features

•  Parent-Child centered device: Originally made for Zachary (hence the name), The Zaky was invented to help Yamile leave the hospital every night leaving something of her behind (the simulation of her hands and her scent). The baby feels the scent and love of the mother and father constantly (helping with strengthening attachment/bonding), even when they are not present and they, in turn, feel more confidence and secure to perceive it as an extension of them that contributes to the 24/7 development of the baby. Parents leave the scented Zakys with the baby at all times (scent it by placing it on the chest or behind the neck for at least one hour)

•  Complement for Kangaroo Care: Place the Zaky behind the neck of the parent during kangaroo care to help support the head while scenting the Zakys to leave with the baby at the end of the session.

"What I like most about the Zaky is the ease of positioning. My favorite use/position of the Zaky is around the baby’s back for "nesting", it stays in place when placed this way. The main difference between the Zaky and other items I use to comfort the babies is that it is Soft and pliable. Good weight Need no other equipment. The Zaky is simple to use both by staff and parents. It gives babies boundaries providing security. The Zaky is something very personal parents can give their infant when there is very little else they can do. Other than preemies, babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome could benefit from using the Zaky." - Lorri BottellSenior Staff Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Singleton Hospital  Swansea, UK

The research


Research published 2015 September issue of the Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews*

The Zaky® is a product by Nurtured by Design and it is the ergonomic device designed to provide nurturing developmental care to babies in the NICU since it was released in 2004 after 3 years of development.

Now used in any unit in the hospital with babies and toddlers (pediatric/oncology/post partum/cardiology/etc.) and with healthy babies and children including those with working or traveling parents.

It was proven to aid the premature infant’s in the study by significantly improving self-regulation and significantly decreasing apnea/bradycardia (Zero episodes for babies using maternally scented The Zaky).

It is our distinct honor to announce that the results of the independent randomized control trial about The Zaky have been published in the 2015 September issue of Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews*

This independent clinical research about the Zaky [maternal simulated intervention] was presented at the American Public Health Association's (APHA) Annual Meeting (Washington DC, Nov. 2011), and at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) Annual Conference (Palm Springs, CA, Oct. 2012)

Georgia Souther University, The Medical Centre of Central Georgia, Georgia College and State University USA

"Give Them A Hand To Develop Their Brain"; download the poster and research here

*2015 September issue of Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews – click here for the publication

  Huffington Post presents Nurtured By Design short video The Zaky click here 

*$5 donation from sale of each The Zaky pair retail and wholesale, will be made to Miracle Babies Foundation. Funds raised will go towards helping the Foundation to continue to pursue its vision of better, healthier outcomes for newborns and their families challenged by prematurity or sickness


Simple Solutions International, the Authorised Distributor of The Zaky and Kangaroo Zak for sale to hospital, wholesale and retail Australia and New Zealand


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