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Breast-Warmers, Washable Self-Warming Safe Breast Aid

Breast-Warmers, Washable Self-Warming Safe Breast Aid
Breast-Warmers, Washable Self-Warming Safe Breast Aid
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Breast-Warmers™ delivers effective, continuous and safe warmth by reflecting natural body heat

Breast-Warmers™, and other breast soother products we offer online provide effective breastfeeding aid for mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, expressing and nipple vasospasm (Raynaud’s phenomenon). Breast-Warmers™ provide warm breast therapy in an effective, continuous and safe way that is practical and convenient. This is a wonderful, comfortable and easy to use lactation aid.

Now in three sizes; Small A-Cup & B-Cup, Regular C-Cup & Over, and Large E-Cup & Over

This Warm Breastfeeding Therapy™ is warm as long as it's worn. No heating, no boiling, no microwaving. The safe breast aid, with no risk of burning, inconsistent or uncomfortable heat. Breast-Warmers™ are made of a super effective thin Flectalon® material, and simply warms up by reflecting your own body heat. Breast-Warmers™ are never hot, instead they provide effective, gentle and safe warmth simply by being worn. There is no need to remove Breast-Warmers when practising safe kangaroo care using Kangaroo Zak, but only wear as needed so kangaroo care benefits are maximised. If baby feels cool one Breast-Warmer can be placed on the back for gentle warmth. They can also be placed on sore uterus for gentle pain relief.

Breast-Warmers are importantly non-absorbent to reduce the risk of bacteria growth and thrush, be safe, keep the breast dry with a nursing pad.

How to get the most out of your Breast-Warmers™ for vasospasm, blocked ducts and Mastitis

Wear Breast-Warmers™ as needed; for a short time just before a feed, or even all day and night, just slip inside the bra or crop-top as required. This gentle warmth effectively relieves pain and discomfort and helps the milk to flow better. Simply wear as you find comfortable and helpful.

Breast-Warmers™ are very thin and easy to wear, they fit flat inside your bra, possibly sticking out slightly from the bra lining as they need to cover the milk ducts in order to be most effective. If you need the Breast Aid™ for nipple vasospasm, they do not need to cover as large area and small size is recommended.

Your reliable international wholesale suppliers for warm breast therapy products

This is the original and only 1987 Breast-Warmers™ be aware of copies, or anything that you need to heat up, which poses a risk of causing serious damage to breast tissue. The key is to have gentle warmth, not heat. These provide safe and gentle warmth for as long as they are worn, over and over again, wash after wash. As an online lactation aid wholesale supplier, we supply these for customers worldwide.

Benefits of our wholesale breast soothers, aids and warmers

Breast-Warmers™ can be beneficial following various breast surgery, ask your Surgeon if this is applicable to you.

As a wholesale supplier we can provide express postage—simply get in touch by email via or by calling us at (+61) 08 9388 3004.



Hospital, Lactation Consultants, pharmacy and all wholesale and international enquiries worldwide please visit contact us.

Wholesale Breastfeeding products and Lactation Aids Supplier Online

Simple Solutions International, The trusted name in the industry

Breast-Warmers product brochure click below:



FAQ. 15 most common questions and answers about our nursing and lactation aid

1. When do I wear Breast-Warmers?

When your breasts feel hard, uncomfortable and sore from Mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, vasospasm, slow letdown and to assist expressing. Also wear for simple comfort and for the aim to prevent problems.

2. How long do I wear this lactation aid?

As long as you find comfortable and helpful. For some mothers this may be just before feeding/expressing for 20-30min, others wear them continuously day and night for several months. It's about your comfort, you decide.

3. How do Breast-Warmers warm up?

From reflecting your natural body heat. Safe, gentle and continuous warmth. The material reflects your natural body heat and all you need to do is slip Breast-Warmers in your bra, wear as long as you like. Flectalon Breast-Warmers Breast Aid can never be hot. It's imperative to understand that breast tissue is sensitive and you should never risk burning it by heating anything up and placing it on the breast. You may damage breast tissue without even being aware of it.

4. What about cold application? 

Cold may feel soothing on the breast after feeding, if it does for you, apply gentle cold such as a cool flannel after a feed. Again please be mindful to be gentle. Warmth before a feed has shown to the assist milk flow, so don't dismiss gentle warmth provided by Breast-Warmers. For vasospasm stay away from cold and drafts, keep you whole body warm.

5. What size do I order?

Breast-Warmers are generous in size and most mothers wear Regular size C-Cup & Over. The milk ducts stretch further than just the breast itself and it's preferred to have the Breast-Warmers large rather than a bit small. For vasospasm Small Cup A-B is likely sufficient as it's the nipple needing to be warm with this condition.

6. I'm am E-Cup, will Breast-Warmers fit me?

Yes. In order to cover the milkducts effectively we suggest Large E-Cup & Over.

7. Can I wash my Flectalon Breast-Warmers?

Yes, wash by hand with gentle detergent. Drip dry. Do not tumble dry.

8. Will Breast-Warmers increase my milk supply?

No. Breast-Warmers improve the flow. It may feel like there is more milk in some sense, but it's the flow that's improved. Feeding more frequently may help your supply.

9. When do I see a Lactation Consultant?

When you feel unsure, confused, unwell or simply need to talk to someone who knows breastfeeding as a professional.

10. When do I see a Doctor?

If you have a temperature from Mastitis for more than 12 hours or feel unwell. You may need antibiotics.

11. Do I still wear Breast-Warmers if I'm on antibiotics?

Yes, that would be wise. The antibiotics will treat the inflammation, but may not stop Mastitis returning over and over. Get to the cause, don't just treat the symptom with medication. Prevent recurring Mastitis by wearing flectalon Breast-Warmers.

If Mastitis is caused by breastmilk being pressed out in the tissue (outside the ducts, where the milk should not be), the tissue will become inflamed and very sore. It may keep doing this if you don't clear the blockage in the duct.  

12. How does Breast-Warmers help to clear the blockage?

According to Dr. Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg at Karolinska Institute in Sweden, warmth is well known to help the milk flow better. Because warmth does this the blockage clears more easliy together with continued feeding or expressing. Feed/express on the most effected side first and try to "empty" the breast. Altering the feeding position may also help clear the blockage.

13. Is my milk still safe for my baby?

Yes it is.

14. Can Breast-Warmers be worn preventatively?

Absolutely. This is prefered and also very easy.

Remember prevention is better than a cure.

This is a non-invasive simple solution to common breastfeeding problems.

Breast-Warmers are importantly non-absorbent to reduce the risk of bacteria growth and thrush, be safe, keep the breast dry with a nursing pad.

Try to rest, be gentle and patient with yourself, this too will pass.

15. Do you deliver to any country for the flat fee AU$9.95?

Yes we do.

If you feel you need further help contact a Lactation Consultant at your Maternity Hospital, Breastfeeding Association or a qualified Lactation Consultant in private practice for assistance.

This is not individual medical advice. For medical help see a qualified Doctor with sound breastfeeding knowledge.

*$1 donation from sale of each Breast-Warmers, retail and wholesale, will be made to Miracle Babies Foundation. Funds raised will go towards helping the Foundation to continue to pursue its vision of better, healthier outcomes for newborns and their families challenged by prematurity or sickness.

We are the internationally preferred Flectalon Breast-Warmers, breast aid and breastfeeding lactation aids wholesaler supplier.

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