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Breast-Warmers relieves discomfort associated with Mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, expressing, nipple vasospasm/ Raynaud's phenomenon. Breast-Warmers are warm as long as they are worn, no heating, boiling or microwaving. Breast-Warmers™; The Safe Breast Aid™ 

Expert testimonial July 2016   I have been recommending this product – Breast-Warmers - for over 10 years during my practice as an IBCLC and Midwife.  Used in conjunction with expert lactation advice and physiological strategies, they are a godsend for lactating women experiencing mastitis, blocked ducts, vasospasm and engorgement.  Lois Wattis RM IBCLC and author of "New Baby 101 - A Midwife's Guide for New Parents"

Inquire within for wholsale information, available internationally. Wholesale and Hospital Supply Contact Us

The Zaky for brain development and reduction of apnea/bradycardia in NICU babies. Kangaroo Zaky, the simple solution to safe Kangaroo Care. Nurtured By Design has arrived in Australia and New Zealand.


Health Care Industry Solutions in the areas of CSSD, Endoscopy, Theatre and Sterile Storage Hospital


Some information on our fine health care products

The original and only Breast-Warmers™ were invented in Sweden in 1987, and are available internationally from our Retail Outlets, Online Retailers, Lactation Consultants and Maternity Hospitals. Breast-Warmers™; The Safe Breast Aid™ available for Wholesale and Hospital Supply.

We also offer Supple Cups™for inverted nipples that will gently and gradually erect nipples if they are flat, shy or naturally inverted.

If you are concerned about your baby’s safety and how they sleep at night, a BabeSafe Mattress Cover to prevent SIDS is highly recommended. Extensive research has been conducted by Scientist Dr T J Sprott OBE MSc PhD  Cotlife2000 with over 250,000 babies sleeping on a BabeSafe™ Mattress Cover, without a single lost life. Parents have the right to this information and decide for themselves what will best protect their child.

Who we are   

Simple Solutions International Pty Ltd, established in 2001, is an Australian-owned and based company providing simple, non-invasive products to improve health, wellbeing and personal comfort.

We deliver simple health solutions worldwide, and supply Breast-Warmers™ internationally to hospitals, lactation consultants, retailers and directly to consumers.

We represent Australian owned Smartline Machinery in Western Australia, contact us for cost effective solutions for Hospital Equipment, CSSD, Endoscopy, Theatre and Sterile Storage.

The Zaky and Kangaroo Zak by Nurtured By Design, now available to hospitals and parents in Australia and New Zealand. Innovation in ergonomics engineering for evidence-based nurturing developmental care, safety, and comfort of parent/child. NICU departments please contact us directly.

If you are a new parent, have an international retail business or have Health Care Industry related questions, please contact Simple Solutions International by calling (+61) 08 9388 3004 or email

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