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NICU Premature Babies and Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Zak™ is the only product of its kind that is ergonomically designed specifically to facilitate prolonged, effective and safe sessions of kangaroo care in post-partum and NICU. 

Hospitals can implement the safest, most effective and comfortable kangaroo care by making Kangaroo Zak Standard of Care. This is the cost-effective and safe simple solution.

"Kangaroo care (KC) was safely conducted with mechanically ventilated infants who weighed less than 600 grams and were less than 26 weeks gestation at birth" Safe criteria and procedure for kangaroo care with intubated preterm infants.  2003 Sep-Oct;32(5):579-88. 

Extending Kangaroo Care with The Zaky

The Zaky® is an ergonomic device from Nurtured By Design that is designed to assist babies in NICU with nurturing, developmental care. Simple Solutions is proud to offer this exclusive neonatal equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Zaky® is used with toddlers and babies in any hospital unit; NICU, PICU, Oncology, Cardiology, Paediatric, NAS, trauma and pain management.

Research Results 

The Zakys are the only evidence-based and ergonomically design device that provides family centered developmental care support to every infant: They are the only devices with clinical evidence that suggests that for the babies in the study it significantly decreased apnea/bradycardia and significant improved self-regulation and stress behaviors. In fact, the babies using the Zakys Maternally Scented had ZERO apnea/bradycardia events in this randomized clinical research*  Download poster with research

More about Family Centred Developmental Care Kangaroo Zak and The Zaky  here  

Breastfeeding Products and Neonatal Equipment                 

Breast-Warmers reduces discomfort associated with engorgement, Mastitis, expressing, blocked ducts, nipple vasospasm/Raynaud’s phenomenon. Warmth lasts as long as the Breast-Warmers are worn, without the need for any microwaving, boiling or heating. 

Expert testimonial July 2016   I have been recommending Breast-Warmers for over a decade as an IBCLC and Midwife. Used in combination with physiological strategies and expert advice on lactation, they are a blessing for lactating women experiencing vasospasm, mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement.  Lois Wattis RM IBCLC and author of "New Baby 101 - A Midwife's Guide for New Parents".   

Now in USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia            

More about Breast-Warmers  International enquieries   Testimonials    Our list of stockists

Hospital Equipment and Medical Surgical Supplies Available in Australia      

We offer Health Care Industry Solutions in Theatre, Maternity, NICU, Endoscopy and ED.

Nexus Legacy Critical Care Turning Bed, Kanmed, Merivaara Delivery Bed and OT, Nurtured By Design, MDH Flexible Videoscope, RotaScope Cabinet. Contact us for information or if you like us to source something for you.

Some Information on our Breastfeeding Products

The original and only Breast-Warmers™ were invented in Sweden in 1987, and are available internationally from our Retail Outlets, Online Retailers, Lactation Consultants and Maternity Hospitals. Breast-Warmers™; The Safe Breast Aid™ available for Wholesale and Hospital Supply.  

Who We Are  

Simple Solutions International Pty Ltd, established in 2001, is an Australian-owned and based company providing simple, non-invasive products to improve health, wellbeing and personal comfort. Our range includes breastfeeding products, health care products and medical equipment available online. We donate to MBF click logo for information


If you are a new parent, have an international retail business or have Health Care Industry related questions, please contact Simple Solutions International by calling (+61) 08 9388 3004 or email