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Zaky ZAK Wrap - Skin-To-Skin Contact Made Safer

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Zaky ZAK Wrap - Skin-To-Skin Contact Made Safer

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Zaky ZAK provides comfort, proper positioning, and sense of security to the baby, virtually eliminates the risk of accidental falls and slipping that causes dislodging of medical equipment.

Zaky ZAK is a strong, soft, breathable, stretchy and strapless top made with natural fibers that wraps around the torso of the adult. 

It closes on the side with an adjustable zipper so it fits consistently session after session for a predictable nurturing experience. Evidence suggests that during continuous contact, the baby reaches deep sleep necessary to heal, grow and develop their brain.

Size 1 converts to 3 sizes S/M/L

Size 2 converts to 3 sizes XL/2XL/3XL

Practice safe and effective Family Centred Developmental Care in NICU, on the maternity ward and at home. 


Why Use Zaky ZAK?

Many parents tell us they feel much more confident and comfortable holding their newborn baby skin-to-skin contact (aka kangaroo care) when using Zaky ZAK.

​Feeling anxious and overwhelmed holding a newborn baby skin-to-skin contact is common for many new parents. Understandably even more so if your baby is unwell or prematurely born.

What Does Zaky ZAK Do?
By using Zaky ZAK we have empowered and enabled  the parents to confidently and comfortably do it themselves. 
This is the most important step in Family Centred Developmental Care.

Leading hospitals worldwide use Zaky ZAK for safe and effective skin-to-skin contact for improved developmental care, earlier discharge and higher breastfeeding rates.

What Is The Science Supporting Zaky Zak?
Publication: Neonatal Skin-to-Skin Contact [With The Zaky ZAK]: Implications for Learning and Autonomic Nervous System Function in Infants With Congenital Heart Disease

The publication that reports the results of Skin to Skin Contact/Kangaroo Care with infants with congenital heart disease is published!

Every mum/baby dyad used The Zaky ZAK (aka Kangaroo Zak) for Skin to Skin contact sessions, and is acknowledged/described in the paper on page 3.


Parent-Training with Kangaroo Care Impacts Infant Neurophysiological Development & Mother-Infant Neuroendocrine Activity

Infant Behavior and Development, Volume 58, February 2020, 101416;

Infants were full-term (> 37 weeks GA). Mothers assigned to the Kangaroo Care Group were given a KC wrap (Nurtured by Design's The Zaky ZAK/Kangaroo Zak)

A randomized control trial was conducted to investigate the effects of skin-to-skin, chest-to-chest contact (kangaroo care, KC) in mother-infant dyads on patterns of infant brain activity and associated mother-infant neurohormone releases. 33 mother-infant dyads participated during pregnancy (29–38 weeks gestation), at neonatal and 3-month periods.

Overall, analyses indicated that:
1) infants in the KC group showed left frontal brain activation patterns (asymmetry and coherence) associated with KC training;
2) KC produced moderate to large increases in oxytocin levels; and
3) KC yielded moderate decreases in cortisol reactivity.

Findings suggest KC may garner favorable neuro-maturational and neurobiological outcomes for dyads.


Publication: Kangaroo Care Implementation [with The Zaky ZAK] - Quality Improvement Project

The Sobreviver Project (Survive) By Mary Coughlin, RN, MS, NNP, Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC. Boston.

Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews Volume 15, Issue 4, December 2015, Pages 169-173


Sanford Improvement Academy selected The Zaky ZAK as part of their Kangaroo Care implementation. The goal was to improve confidence, duration, and frequency by 20%.

Here are the results:

• Parental confidence increased by 62% on the PPCI
• Duration of STS holding increased by 62%
• Frequency of STS holding increased by 26%


 Clinician Opinions and Approaches to Manage Risk Related to Safe Sleep During Skin-to-Skin Care

Ashley Weber, Mason Elder, Kristin C. Voos, Joshua W. Lambert, Heather C. Kaplan, and Yamile C. Jackson


 A Survey of Neonatal Clinicians’ Use, Needs, and Preferences for Kangaroo Care Devices

Ashley Weber, PhD, RN; Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP