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  •  What do Breast-Warmers™ do?

Breast-Warmers™ provide gentle and safe warmth without being heated up in a microwave. This gentle warmth is safe for sensitive breast tissue.


  • How do I use Breast-Warmers™?

Place directly on the skin, held in place with bra or crop-top.

Simply wear Breast-Warmers™ as needed; for a short time, 20-30 min before a feed, or even all day and night, simply slip inside the bra or crop-top as required.

This gentle warmth effectively relieves pain and discomfort and helps the milk to flow better, so simply wear as you find comfortable and helpful.

Studies have shown that warming the breasts 20 min before expressing increases the milk yield. 

  • How do I use Breast-Warmers™ for Vasospasm?

For vasospasm wear Breast-Warmers™ all of the time, or most of the time. 

To get the most relief from vasospasm, avoid getting cold in general, including hands, wrists and neck.
Avoid wind and drafts.
Dry quickly after showering warm, wear Breast-Warmers™ straight away and keep them on.
Do not air your nipples.
Try the best you can to avoid/reduce stress.

If you suffer severe symptoms of vasospasm of the nipple (Raynaud's phenomenon), see a Lactation Consultant as you may need to compliment your treatment with medication.

*Please be aware that if you get a high fever and don’t find any relief from mastitis by wearing Breast-Warmers within 12 hours, you must see a doctor or lactation consultant as you may need medication to ease the inflammation. 


  • How do I wash and care for my Breast-Warmers™?

Wash Breast-Warmers™ by hand or on a gentle cycle at 30ºC (85ºF).
Do not use fabric softener.
It’s best to drip dry wool material. 


  • What are Breast-Warmers™ made of?

Made with 100% Merino Wool from the pristine island Gotland in Sweden. Completely plastic, pesticide and chemical free.

  • What's the story behind Breast-Warmers™ in Australia?

 In 2001 Simple Solutions International introduced the Swedish Flectalon Breast-Warmers™ to Australia, followed with NZ & USA.

This was our very first product and my business hereby commenced in Perth Western Australia. 

Having breastfed three children I found there was very limited awareness in Australia about gentle warmth being beneficial for breastfeeding. 
I was personally told to freeze cabbage leaves and shove in my bra.
Cold only - cabbage full of pesticides. 

After a trip to Sweden to visit family, I returned to Australia with Breast-Warmers™. I had suffered a fever from the early onset of mastitis, and was told to get a pair to help ease the inflammation by helping the milk flow.

As I spoke about how Breast-Warmers™ had helped me, people were amused at the concept of "breast warmers".
Few appeared to know that gentle warmth helps the milk to flow better, hence blockages are easier cleared, preventing the milk being pressed out in the breast tissue (where the milk should not be) which can be one cause of inflammation (mastitis). Slow let down can be improved, making expressing easier, vasospasm eased, blocked ducts cleared and sore breasts soothed.

After 10 years of bringing awareness about the benefits of gentle warmth, many copies of Breast-Warmers™ appeared. Most in the form of microwave heat packs, but be careful what you put on the breast, it does not take much to burn breast tissue and your baby.

Be sure to be safe by only applying gentle continuous warmth.

2019 we introduced Breast-Warmers™ in Silk & Wool as a very soft, thin, pliable and environmentally better alternative to the bulky Flectalon material. This gentle product has been used in Sweden, Europe and US for many years and breaks down fully.
Since 2023 the silk is removed from the Breast-Warmers™ following consumer request. Breast-Warmers™ in Merino Wool Tricot has now fully replaced our original Flectalon Breast-Warmers™.

We now also offer Breast-Warmers™ in Wool Fleece which are larger, thicker and provide greater warmth than the Breast-Warmers™ Merino Wool. 


Ann-Marie Baxter, Director Simple Solutions International

Nov 2023