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Colostrum Collector Kit - Simple Solutions Complete Kit

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Colostrum Collector Kit - Simple Solutions Complete Kit

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1. Collect colostrum into the funnel, with one of the included syringes attached. Draw the collected colostrum into the syringe, cap, label and store.

2. Collect colostrum directly with the syringes, without the funnel, cap, label and store.

3. Express colostrum directly into the mini cups, cap, label and store. 


1 x Sterile Funnel
3 x 1ml Sterile Oral Syringes*
5 x 2.5ml Sterile Oral Syringes*
8 x Sterile Tip Caps
2 x 30ml Measuring Cups with Lids, BPA free
8 x Syringe Labels
2 x Zip Lock Bags
Thorough Instruction Sheet, how to prepare, express, collect, store and give colostrum

If you like extra syringes add them here
If you like four more Measuring Cups just add in a note when you order and we'll include these at no additional charge.

Simple Solutions complete antenatal colostrum collector kits includes all you need, so you can collect colostrum easily and economically. 
You simply need to express and collect the colostrum you produce in the easiest way possible, in a way that wastes the least.

Colostrum Syringes 2.5ml x 8 with caps

*These oral syringes are compatible with the global standard ENFIT hospital feeding tubes, so your baby can be given colostrum this way too in case that is needed. 

The amount of colostrum produced is very individual. Collect what you get using the three options you have with this kit. Store as per instructions.

Every drop is nutrient-dense, high in antibodies and antioxidants to build your baby's immune system.

Collect expressed colostrum even if it appears to be very little, it matters to your baby. 0.5ml still counts that's why we include tiny 1ml syringes as well as 2.5ml, we also include cups in case you suddenly got lots, or simply find it easier.

Why express colostrum with a funnel?

- Because many mums find it easier and less colostrum is wasted. You also have the option to express into the little cups.

No added expense with more containers are required for keeping syringes and cups clean and together. A clear clean bag with your name is sufficient.

Store the collected colostrum in the syringes with tip caps, or in the cups with lids attached.

Label and store in the zip lock bag provided, refrigerate up to 24 hours or freeze up to 3 months. 

With Simple Solutions antenatal colostrum collection kit you have the most options in the most economical way. 

Be prepared-get the kit today.

*Read: How do I collect, store and give colostrum?

How do I collect, store and give colostrum?

Collecting Colostrum

1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
2. Attach the funnel to one of the oral syringes.
3. Hand express into the funnel and draw the colostrum into the attached syringe.
4. Cap, label with name & date, store in fridge or freezer. (Bring to baby straight away if this is an option)

If you have lots of colostrum and your funnel can't keep up, use the medicine cup to express into, then draw the milk into the oral syringe, cap and label.

Storing Colostrum

Store capped labelled syringes or lidded cups in the supplied zip-lock bag. 

Fridge and use colostrum within for 24 hours or freeze for up to 3 months, unless your Lactation Consultant tells you otherwise.

Giving Colostrum

Give at room temperature directly from syringe or cup within 3 hours of expressing.

From Fridge; colostrum can be given straight from the fridge, or can be warmed up using body temperature, or warmed in lukewarm water max 37'C.

From Freezer; defrost colostrum in fridge around 12 hours. Give defrosted or warm using body temperature or lukewarm water max 37'C.

Do not microwave. Discard thawed milk if unused within 24 hours.

You may use the medicine cup with lid for expressing and storing colostrum, then also cup feed baby from it. Or draw milk in to a syringe and give baby.

The ENFit compatible oral tip (OTLD) one piece syringe has a smooth barrel and tip to make giving collected colostrum gentle on the baby.

Important! By drawing the milk into an OTLD syringe you can feed orally and also connect the syringe to a tube if your baby happens to be tube-fed for some reason. "Traditional" slipfit oral syringes, such as pharmacy oral medication syringes, do not connect to feeding tubes. This is because the new global standard is ENFIT fitting for oral feeds. (Global ISO Standard 80369-3)

To clarify: If you are expressing antenatally and there is some chance your baby may be premature or unwell, or you are unwell, get Simple Solutions Colostrum Collector Kit as this set includes the ENFIT compatible style syringes. This gives you the option to give colostrum by mouth and tube.

Express colostrum no matter how little it may appear to be, every drop is truly worth collecting.

What is colostrum and why it is important? 
  • Colostrum is a fluid which is produced by the breasts from about the 20th week of pregnancy and during the first few days after the birth of your baby.
  • Colostrum may look dark yellow to clear; it can also be quite thick and sticky.
  • Colostrum is easily digested and the best first food for your baby.
  • Colostrum is specially made for your newborn baby. It is very high in protein that helps protect your baby from illness. There are also vitamins, minerals and salts which help protect your baby from dehydration in the early days.
  • Colostrum is made in small amounts but is high in energy, helping baby to pass the first bowel motion. This also helps prevent jaundice after birth.

Why should I consider antenatal expressing?
  • Human milk is the recommended food for all babies, but especially for babies with extra health needs.
  • Expressing and storing colostrum before birth, may decrease the risk of your baby being given infant formula after birth. 
  • Expressing can assist in the promotion of successful, exclusive breastfeeding for you and your baby.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding promotes growth of good gut bacteria.

When can I start expressing colostrum?

Generally, you may commence expressing at 36 weeks’ gestation.
Please discuss this with your midwife, lactation consultant or doctor for individual advice prior to commencing expressing.  

Add a pair of Breast-Warmers Silk & Wool to help with expressing, as safe and gentle warmth is beneficial to get the milk to move easier, giving you a greater yield.
Simply wear Breast-Warmers in your bra for 20-30 min before expressing colostrum. If your breasts are tender, keep the Breast-Warmers on as gentle warmth is very comforting on sore breasts.